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Old South - Hole 17

Design Philosophy

An architect's design philosophy should involve more than just how the golf course is designed. Sure, that is important, but also paramount in this process is the relationship with the client and the other consultants on the job. There's also good stewardship with the land and the environment. There is the responsibility to the golfer and to the golf course superintendent. And let's not forget about the construction budget!

The Golf Course Design

From a golf purist standpoint, the design of the golf course is the heart and soul of the golf experience. The challenges and strategies presented must make the golfer think, even plan ahead in order to deal with and be successful in the round of golf. Aesthetics are important also and form the visual picture of the puzzle. "Start easy, finish hard" is one of those simpler philosophies but it bodes well in the challenges presented on the golf course.

"Work with nature, not against." It is far easier (and cheaper) to make the best use of what mother nature has to offer in the golf course layout. That is where a thorough study of the land pays off in terms of interest, aesthetics and expense. The golf course routing plan is the most important part of the golf course design. It sets the framework for everything that happens thereafter. A bad routing costs more money in construction, in maintenance costs and in player enjoyment. We believe that studying the land in detail is the only way to achieve enough knowledge to create a good golf course routing plan. This is accomplished primarily by walking the land and carefully studying the opportunities and constraints.


Golf course design is a team effort and communication is a key component. We believe in keeping everyone involved and informed throughout the entire process.

The Budget

 Everybody has a budget, especially the course owner. We like budgets, especially budgets that are prepared and accepted by the owner after we have enough information about the site and the construction requirements to make an intelligent decision. Yes, there are always "unknowns" during the construction process but, it's how you deal with them that makes the experience successful. Our detailed planning and design process works well for adhering to budgets. Our philosophy here is "Take time to plan it right. Build it right the first time."