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Clyde Johnston at Age 5

Photo taken at grand opening of Wolf Creek Golf Club. Course was designed by Johnny Johnston.

Clyde Johnston grew up in a golf environment. His father, C.B. "Johnny" Johnston was golf coach at Wake Forest College during the late 1940s, where he helped recruit a young Arnold Palmer for a golf scholarship.

Growing up on a golf course provided young Johnston with much of the knowledge about golf club operations from golf maintenance to pro shop operations. "I worked for 25 cents an hour when I was a kid, washing carts, shagging range balls and other odd jobs" states Johnston, adding "Later I mowed fairways, greens, cut cups and sometimes, stayed up half the night inserting and removing the fairway sprinklers, the old quick coupler type connections."

Johnston's interest in golf course design was provided by his father's interest in design. "Dad would design courses for people for free, just to promote golf" recalls Johnston. It was during that time that Johnston would assist his father in building plaster a-paris models of golf courses, making visits to construction sites and looking over his father's shoulder at the topographic maps. "I used to draw plans of golf holes during school and pass them across class to another golf buddy, Eddie Forward. We would try to outdo each other for neatest hole design."